Notarized translation and apostille of accounting documents in Europe

Does your entrepreneurial activity involve joint work with foreign companies and english to russian translation? In many cases, it may be necessary to provide business partners with accounting documents, their notarized translation and apostille affixing.

In the event that accounting documentation is outsourced, you can use apostille or legalization of documents as an additional service in order to use them within Europe.

It is worth remembering that the apostille will be needed when accounting statements and other documents are transferred to a state that has signed the Hague Convention. Apostilled documents are legally binding, therefore they are recognized by the controlling organizations of European countries.

In what cases is an apostille issued?
Notarized translation and apostille of documentation are needed both at the beginning of a business, and during its development and entry into the foreign market, as well as when looking for clients and partners. If we are talking about reporting, then it is often provided in European states:

– investors;

– second-tier banks and venture funds;

– government agencies;

– representative offices of Kazakhstani companies in Europe.

The statements, which are subject to apostille, contain such data as: financial and non-financial resources of the company, commercial activity and its results, etc. Apostille of reporting for the provision of documentation to foreign partners is proof of the seriousness of the intentions of the Kazakhstani company, its reliability, willingness to cooperate honestly, adhering to local legislation, as well as international industry regulations.