There are hundreds of countries and thousands of cultures in the modern world and english to bangla translation. Translators work so that representatives of different parts of the world can understand each other. However, it is often not enough for this to simply translate the meanings of words, since the meaning will then be inadequate. This is where localization comes in.

Localization is translation and adaptation of the text at the same time. Adaptation implies an analysis of the subject matter of the text and realities in both cultures, as well as the search for equivalent units in the translating language.

Where is localization required? It is mainly used when translating websites, software, computer games, audio and video materials. Localization is extremely important in these areas, because without it the meaning of many realities will be distorted, therefore, quality will suffer. Localization is very useful if your goal is to enter the international market with your business. An individual approach to the culture and habits of each country will arouse great sympathy among the audience.

Localization should be done by a well-trained specialist who is familiar with both the culture of the source language and the culture of the target language. This translator has the right not only to translate words and sentences, but also to replace symbols, phone numbers, date format, jokes, and so on. The most common localization technique is compensation. With this technique, the translator will be able to convey the meaning of even the most complex puns that are present only in the original language. You just need to find a speech turnover in the translated language, which will have a similar effect.

If the localization is carried out by a person who is superficially versed in the realities of both languages, the meaning of the translation can be so distorted that it will be funny or even unpleasant for the party receiving the translation. This can have a negative translation effect. For example, when studying a translated manual, instead of understanding how a device works, the user will become even more confused.

So now the importance of localization is clear to us. It definitely differs from the usual search for language equivalents.