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Listening or listening comprehension tagalog to english  is one of the most difficult things in learning English. And in order to speak well, you need to listen and listen a lot. After all, everything happens on a subconscious level, like in small children who begin to master their native language. Get inspired by the idea of surrounding yourself with English to learn English as much as possible in an “English environment”. Just like a child learns language through images and abstract words.

For effective perception of the material, the best way is to completely disassemble the heard episode. One effective technique is to listen to a podcast while reading the text. Pay attention to all the sentences in the text, you may not be able to hear some phrases or words. Perhaps the speech was too fast or abbreviations were used. Go back, listen a few more times, bring your listening to the stage until you understand everything and listen without looking at the text.

The other way is very similar, but has some differences. Listen to the podcast, but don’t look at the script. Try to briefly retell the idea of what is happening there and what the interlocutors are saying? Analyze which part of the text you understood and which you did not. Well, then read the podcast script. Write down new words and learn their meaning, try to understand the usage in that context. Use dictionaries, such as Cambridge, so you can more accurately understand words and their use in various situations. Well, now compare what was written with the script and work it out again.

So, to sum up, let’s proceed according to the plan: Listen to podcasts korean to english regularly at a convenient time for you. Choose those podcasts, the topics of which, in the first place, are of interest to you or close in spirit. Learn new words and grammatical structures. Use dictionaries, various aids. Make your own sentences from new words, pronounce them. Write down what you hear without looking at the script, then compare. Find podcasts with subtitles to help you understand the material. Gradually switch to listening to podcasts without subtitles.

Make it harder. Start with simple podcasts and work your way up to more complex ones. Find the best way for you to listen and enjoy podcasts. Choose a convenient time for listening, listen, work through the material, practice communication, connect additional materials such as dictionaries and films. You will see the result will not keep you waiting!